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Expedition K9 is proud to present

Laurel Scarioni
NACSW™ Certifying Official & AKC Expert Judge

Two special topics with education and working spots for Nose Work dogs and handlers


Day One: What’s that smell? Understanding odor movement and how to use this understanding to train and trial confidently and with purpose.

Day Two: Drawing a blank on blank areas? Understanding the training process and confidently trialing with blank rooms and areas 

March 7th and 8th, 2020

Glendale Springs Fire Department, 7479 NC Highway 16 South, Jefferson, NC 28640

With the explosion in popularity of the nose work/scent work competition venues, it pays huge dividends for handlers to understand how to systematically and successfully train their dogs. When a handler understands specific training exercises, they can in turn present those exercises to their dogs without misunderstanding and confusion. Confusion can turn the excitement and fun of Nose Work into something a dog loses enjoyment in.  Developing a great search dog and handler team begins with a training program tailor-made for the dog in front of you. The handler must understand how to set up exercises appropriately to put in place the building blocks of continued success. In addition, knowing how to transfer knowledge to an actual competition search will improve your success in trails!

Day one of the seminar will focus on understanding odor so that you can make the best training choices, and in day two, how to advance your training and trialing as blank rooms and search areas become part of your skill level. All exercises and training will be done with the goal of having fun and increasing the bond of love and trust between handler and dog. The seminar will offer a variety of training exercises for the handlers and dogs with working spots, and the opportunity for auditors to concentrate on the overall learning experience with the advantage of written material designed to give them guidance as they return home to train their own dogs.  Laurel will discuss the basics of odor movement and flow, and how this affects the hides we set and the exercises we do with our dogs in training. She’ll also cover what things we need to think about before we search an area during competition.  Beginning training for blank rooms requires much concentration on the handler’s part. Learning to read your dog’s body language is key to making those “unknown” blank areas easy to identify.   Laurel is an expert at reading dogs and helping handlers see even the smallest of signals they should attend to. ​

Saturday, March 7th, 9:00 a.m.- 5 p.m. 

What’s That Smell?
Lecture/Video/Discussion/Working teams


Sunday, March 8th, 9:00 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Drawing a Blank on Blank Areas? 
Lecture/Video/Discussion/Working teams



Working dog teams will be (pending review of registration and acceptability based on their skill level and ability to meet the requirements below) on a first come, first served basis. Please be sure to read the cancellation policy below before registering. 
There will only be 7 working dog spots in order to give handlers and dogs more personalized attention. 

Once registration opens, we will accept working dog/handler team applications until the 7 spots have been filled. We will then notify you via email that you will be filling a spot and a link to pay for your spot will be sent via email. You must pay within 48 hours or you will forfeit your space as a working team. 


Dog requirements:

  • Participating dogs should be working successfully on birch, anise and clove. Passing an ORT for each odor is not required but highly recommended.

  • A title is not required, but because the purpose of the demonstration day is illustrate dogs working odor challenges, dogs should be very driven, resilient to challenging environments, should have strong odor obedience - meaning the drive to odor/source should override all other aspects of the environment, and be comfortable being watched by a large group of people.

  • Dogs who have less experience or understanding of odor or who can become easily distracted by the environment would not be well suited for a working spot for this seminar.

  • Additionally, dogs who are very environmentally sensitive or reactive/aggressive with people or more than mildly reactive with other dogs would not be well suited for this type of demonstration. 

  • Dogs must be able to stay quietly in their vehicles or in a crate, out of sight from their handlers. Handler will need to bring bedding, cool covers, pop-ups, fans or whatever your dog needs to be made comfortable and cool/warm enough in between working exercises.

  • Only one dog/handler team per household will be selected but you may submit more than one of your dogs for consideration.


Laurel Scarioni, CNWI, NACSW™ Certifying Official & AKC Expert Judge


Laurel Scarioni of Pawsitive Results in Opelika, AL has been working as a professional dog trainer and behavior consultant for over 20 years. Laurel holds a Master’s degree in educational psychology, and is a graduate (with honors) of the San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers. When she attended her first Nose Work workshop in 2009, she immediately fell in love, and began to incorporate nose work into her business as a way to provide exercise and mental stimulation to dogs of all energy levels, as well as an invaluable confidence builder for anxious dogs. Since she became a Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) in 2010, Laurel has taught scent detection workshops across the country and has been an instructor at K9 Nose Work Camps in Colorado and Pennsylvania. In addition to working with pet dog owners, Laurel also teaches a variety of courses, including scent detection, for the Associates and Bachelor’s students at Bergin University of Canine Studies.

Laurel is a Certifying Official for the National Association of Canine Scent Work and an Expert Judge for the AKC. Those who have had the privilege to trial under her know that she sets the bar for placing knowledgeable and thoughtful hides, and that she is a pleasure to be around. 


Brylin Obedience Specialty School

416-D West King St.

King, NC 27021



Saturday, March 7th, check in at 8:30 a.m., Seminar 9:00 a.m.- 5 p.m. 
What’s That Smell?

Sunday, March 8th, check in at 8:30 a.m., Seminar 9:00 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Drawing a Blank on Blank Areas?


What to bring
*Note taking supplies. 
*Chairs for yourself 
* Weather-appropriate clothing and shoes, bring layers and rain gear, as we may be working outside as well as inside.


Coffee, water, and light snacks will be provided. Lunch is on your own. Plan to bring a lunch with you. The lunch break will be 45 minutes.

Video and audiotaping
Audio and/or videotaping is not allowed due to the possibility of posting videos to social networks that may have information or discussions from the presenter that may have been cut short, or that others may not understand because of the lack of context. Information disseminated in this seminar is copyright of the present Laurel Scarioni, Pawsitive Results and Lisa Mallory, Expedition K9.  

Dog policies
For the safety of everyone please keep your dog confined in a crate with the door shut, and or on a 6-foot leash when not actively searching. Please make every attempt to keep dogs at least 8-10 feet apart when passing each other and admire other handler’s dogs from a distance unless given express permission to interact with them.


Hotel information
It is your responsibility to find hotel rooms in the area. Remember to check pet policies & fees before making reservations! Also, be courteous by bringing sheets or blankets to cover your bed in the hotel if your dog sleeps with you, and pick up after your dog, even if others don’t.

Registration info and fees 

Please fill out the registration form (click link below) and sign the cancellation policy and liability waiver. You will receive an email confirmation upon receipt of your registration. Once your registration is complete and approved you will be emailed a link to payment. Payment must be made within 48 hours to reserve your spot.  

Working dog spot Saturday only $159.00

Auditor Saturday $99

Working dog spot Sunday only $159.00

Auditor Sunday $99

Working spot both Saturday and Sunday $299

Auditor both Saturday and Sunday $188

Pre-payment is required in full
Payment accepted via check or Paypal.You can pay via PayPal by using the link at the end of this page. Or you can mail your check in US funds made out to Expedition K9, 2812 Idlewild Rd., West Jefferson, NC 28694. If you mail a check, please email Lisa Mallory so that I know your check is on the way, and can hold your space.
Do NOT send anything requiring a signature upon receipt. This will delay your registration.

Registration ends 8:00 a.m. on March 1st, 2020 or when full.

 When you register, you will be asked to electronically sign a Cancellation policy (below) and Liability waiver. 


Cancellation policy
All cancellations must be in writing and will be confirmed by return email. Your cancellation will not be valid without a written confirmation of receipt from Expedition K9, LLC

·       Cancellations before February 25th, 2020 full refund minus $25.00 administrative fee. 

·       Cancellations between February 25th and March 1st, 2020 will receive a 50% refund.

·       No refunds for cancellations after March 1st for any reason, 2020 

·       No refund for no-shows. 

·       Participants may transfer registration to another person for non-working spots. The participant is responsible for finding a replacement and working out reimbursement arrangements. The participant must notify us of who is replacing them via email and should include the replacement participant in that email.

Your host Lisa Mallory, CNWI, CPDT-KA, Fear Free Certified Trainer,, 336-870-9398

Please contact Lisa Mallory, Expedition K9, 336-870-9398 if you have any questions.

 Working spot dog/handlers Please fill out registration form and email to Once accepted as a working spot team you will be sent a link for payment via email, or a confirmation and information about sending a check for payment.


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