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Lisa offers private training sessions for puppies and adult dogs. She uses modern, effective, dog-friendly methods, combined with the proven and reliable techniques of the National Association of Canine Scent Work's Instructor protocols. . And, because Lis'a methods are force-free, even young puppies.  

There is no “one size fits all” program for every dog or puppy. That makes sense, doesn’t it? All puppies and dogs are different and owners’ goals for their dogs vary.  There are no contracts. You can pay-as-you-go, or purchase a package of sessions to receive discounted pricing. Lisa's pay-as-you-go pricing  $70 an hour.

The first session normally takes 2.5-3 hrs ($245-$294, cash, check, debit and credit cards accepted). All of training packages include the first orientation session, plus additional follow-up sessions of about an hour each. All of our multi-session training packages include access to the client area of our website.There you will find over 50 instructional videos for reviewing your training exercises and even working ahead. We have sections on impulse control, leash walking, Come! and more.

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